Autism. Aspergers.

Why do these two terms have the potential to carry such stigma and misunderstanding?

Why do many of the individuals affected seem to have a better understanding of their condition than medical professionals?

And why is it that when many autistics try to come out of the “Autism closet”, they are more than likely to be met with accusations of “faking it”, “jumping on the bandwagon”, or just being confused? 

Hello! My name is Hannah Riedel, I am 22 years old, and I have Autism/Aspergers/HFA. A little over a year ago, my life changed forever after I came across an article online that described Asperger’s Symndrome, but more specifically how females on the spectrum tend to present differently than males. I was BEYOND intrigued and knew right away that this was me. Since then, much of my free time has been spent reading about Autism, talking to other Autistic individuals, and even making videos on Youtube where I describe how Autism affects me in various ways. I feel I have a unique perspective that I am itching to share with the World.

I have many goals for this blog, here are a few of them: 

1. To try to answer the questions above, and to promote the implementing of the changes that would be necessary to make those questions obsolete 

2. To share my story, in hopes that others on the spectrum will relate and hopefully feel less isolated and alone which happens FAR too often

3. To share some of the nuances and personal observations related to Autism that don’t get as much attention as other topics 

4. To be a voice for those on the spectrum who may not be able to get theirs across in a way that others understand

5. And lastly, this blog is an incredible opportunity for ME to have a voice after an entire lifetime of saying only what I thought others wanted to hear, or just generally not knowing what to say because I could not relate. Ironically enough, discovering I have Autism has actually given me a voice. Go figure. 

Autism is my passion and I am beyond excited to do what I can to sort out all of the confusion surrounding it so we can move on to more constructive approaches and wider acceptance.



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